Your story

On this page I thought some of you might want to share your stories, thoughts or quetsions.

I know I am not alone in experiancing domestic violence, abuse and being stalked.

Also I realise how hard it is for family and friends to see loved ones hurt.

I hope that reading my story and those of others who have shared may help some way to healing.

C xo

One thought on “Your story”

  1. I don’t have a story persay but one of my friend was with a guy that was violent and it was very hard to know how to help as she tried to hide it from us all but we knew what was going on.
    She did manage to get away from him in the end and is much happier now but I dont think we will ever know how much it still effects her as she doesn’t speak about it.
    I am going to send her your link I think it may help.
    I will carry on reading your blog maybe I will get an idea of how she felt or still feels.
    Thank you for being brave I don’t think this is an easy thing to do x

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