Make it a positive

My story isn’t a nice one, at times I wanted to end it all and I thought I couldn’t cope or see a way out.

But here I am.

I asked for help and it made a huge difference.

Then when the stress grew again in the long months waiting for the court case I decided to do something to distract myself.

I signed up for the London marathon 2014- I spent 16 weeks training hard and I completed my 1st marathon (despite M turning up) in 5 h 20 mins.

This year I am running 3 half marathons and a full marathon for my chosen charity- Save the Children.

Running and having a goal helped me focus and put positivity back into my life when it seemed bleak.

My sweat and tears helped little childern all over the world and every step though it hurt sometimes helped them and helped me.

My  advice is, what is happening now may be bad, may hurt and may seem impossible to overcome but its not your forever.

Look to the future find your positives and grab hold and go for it!

I did and god it helped!

I never thought I could run 10 miles let along run 26.2!!

But I did!

Oh and if you would like to sponsor me for my events this year you can do so via text:

Just text ETGC55 and the amount you would like to donate to 70070

For example:

To:  70070




Your donations will go to an incredible cause, and you can add gift- you will get a text response instructing you how!

Thank you

C xo


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