About me and my blog

So you may think that it is very easy not to marry your stalker.

Eight years ago I would have agreed with you whole heartedly. But then I started a relationship that lead down a very dark road. This blog is my story from the beginning to now, and how I got justice, how I got my life back.

I know that there are many women out there who have gone through a similar personal horrors in their lives or who may still be experiencing it.

I am living proof that you can not only get out but that life carry’s on and happiness, peace and love follow.

As a small disclaimer all that I write here is true, I am telling my story. For my continued safety I will not be using real names, just capital letters which is why you know me as C.

If you like what you have read or you know someone whose life has been touched by domestic violence or stalking, please pass on the link to my blog. Thank you x

C xo

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