Guilty Plea

I had a wonderful few days revealing in my freedom from fear and I felt like the me I was supposed to be not the one that M wanted to make me into.

Then I got a call that astounded me, M wasn’t due in court until the end of the week but on Tuesday I got a call from my case officer to let me know M had asked to enter a guilty plea and was on route to the court right at that moment.

I almost dropped the phone, M had plead not guilty on every charge from 2012 to 2014 despite finger prints and hard evidence against him and now when it was my word against his he was pleading guilty?!

I realised this would mean I wouldn’t have to appear in court as a witness again and my heart soared. That was an ordeal I dearly wanted to avoid and here was M making that happen!

Finally it seemed to me that M was coming to his senses, he must be realizing the seriousness of the charge he was up against. I was sure his lawyer had told him by now that if he was convicted it would be his second charge of perverting the course of justice and that would mean a heavier sentence.

Happily I called my mum and told her the good news and she cheerfully said that this was it, it was finally ending and I allowed a small part of myself to believe that was true.

My happiness lasted barely 5 hours.

I got another call from my case officer later that day to let me know M had used the ploy of pleading guilty to get in front of a judge to ask for bail.

He had not pleaded guilty.

I was brought back down to reality with a bump, of course he hadn’t pleaded guilty. How could I be so stupid to believe he would? The one saving grace was that he had annoyed the judge and had been kept on remand and would be until his next court appearance on Friday.

Going home that night my feet felt heavy and I was annoyed. In reality I was in the same boat as I was this morning, but the cruel trick M had played today had made me think that this was going to be over. It wasn’t and I knew they were unlikely to keep M in prison until a trial so I steeled myself to enjoy the next 3 days the best I could.

C xo

©2016 C xo

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