The Wait

It was an odd feeling going home, but my Mum and step Dad were there for me and we went out for a pizza. It was an oddly cheerful meal in that we were all very relieved the day was over, but we knew that we were still not over the finishing line.

I lay in my bed that night trying to get M’s face out of my head, the way he had leered at me in court made my body feel like ice. I couldn’t sleep, I spent hours tossing and turning my mind racing at the possibilities and honing in on the question that haunted me awake and asleep- what if he was found not guilty?

The next few days were a blur of tiredness and lack of concentration, I was on edge and every time my phone rang I jumped a mile. This was all pointless of course! Court cases took time and there was a lot of evidence to go through with the jury and I had no idea how many witnesses M had on his side.

I spent the rest of the week in this limbo of waiting and on Friday afternoon R called with an update, he reckoned that the case would go on for another couple of days but there should be a verdict by mid next week.

He told me to try to relax, M wasn’t doing a great job of endearing himself to the court, he had been told off by the judge for not answering questions directly and going off on tangents and had contradicted his own defence in front of the whole court room.

I tried to make myself relax over the weekend, I was exhausted, I hadn’t been able to switch off my mind and by now I had given up on that. An end was insight I just didn’t know if it would be the one I so badly needed.

As you can imagine, nothing held my attention for long and yet time crawled by horribly slowly. Monday felt like it was a week long. Tuesday I couldn’t stop looking at my phone and on Wednesday I was like a cat on a hot tin roof!

Then at 3.13pm my phone rang it was R.

I grabbed my phone and ran away from my desk and people so I could talk in private. This was it, it had to be- R wouldn’t call me mid-afternoon otherwise!

‘He has been found guilty!’

My vision blurred and I slumped back against the wall, relief rushed through my body and I felt tears fall down my cheeks,

‘He got 6 counts of breach of the restraining order and 1 count of perverting the course of justice, the breaches were, the LinkedIn views times two, the postcard, The valentines cards, the voicemail and the images on your website. He got a total of 1 year and 5 months for this. And 18 months for perverting the course of justice. The jury took just 33 minutes to come back with their verdict- that’s very quick, they weren’t in doubt.’

Tears were falling hard down my face now, I could hardly talk, the relief was overwhelming.

M was going to prison, and for a long time.

‘C are you alright?’

‘Yes, thank you so much R! Thank you!’

‘Your very welcome, this was the result I wanted, the judge also granted you a new restraining order with much tighter conditions and it is for 10 years- he is taking this very seriously, In addition M’s computers and phones will be destroyed and he has to pay court fees.’

I hung up the phone in a state of shock and shakily dialled my Mum, she cried down the phone at the news, and yelled for my step dad to pass on the good news.

I can’t remember much of the rest of the afternoon; I must have pulled myself together enough to go back to my desk though for soon enough I was arriving at home.

C xo

©2015 C xo

2 thoughts on “The Wait”

    1. Hello,

      Yes the result was a huge relief and a bit of a surprise, the police and courts really understood the impact of what M did to my life. Todays post gives you an insight into how much things changed for me pretty much straight away!

      Knowing he was locked up gave me freedom to be me.

      Thank you for reading!

      C xo

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