The Big Day

The day of my marathon was fast approaching, my fundraising was going ok but not brilliantly but I was hopeful. I had done the training I had my running vest and I had even got some glittery blue iron on letters for the front and back with my name and a text code for donations!

I was worried about this at first as I was very protective of my new name, but then my mum suggested using a shortened version of my name that had a spelling variation in in! So I did just that, besides anyway you pay by letter so the less letters the better!

So I was ready at last- the night before the race! I laid out my running gear and ensured I had a fresh green banana and a bagel ready and ate lots of pasta! I tried to go to bed early but it felt like Christmas Eve, I was excited and nervous and full of energy!

Then suddenly my alarm went off and it was 7am on Sunday morning! Agggggghhhhhh!

I jumped out of bed and quickly dressed not before adding Vaseline to various areas! Off I went down the stairs, with my kit bag pre packed and my running number and safety pins. I toasted my bagel and carefully wrapped it in foil- I didn’t want to eat it too early!

Then I was off! It was very early for a Sunday but as soon as I got onto the main tube line for the race start I was amongst lots of nervous excited runners! The atmosphere was brilliant, strangers were talking to each other, some people were in fancy dress and everyone was excited and nervous!

Despite being alone in a crowd, which normally made me feel uneasy I was happy and content. It was a gorgeous day, and it looked like it was going to be in the low 20’s which was a little warmer than I had hoped but never mind!

I loved being in the starting area, I talked to lots of people and made a few friends as we waited at our gates for the start! The gun went at 10am and a huge cheer went through the crowd.

Then we spent 40 minutes shuffling forward slowly as each gate got to move through the start! 43 minutes after the gun went I was over the line and my marathon was just starting!

Instantly I knew this was going to be the best run I had ever done. People were out to cheer us on from mile 1!!!

Everyone was so happy, they were calling out runners names, pubs were open and had PA’s blaring out tunes, kids had flags and water guns and I felt like a movie star!

I soon got into my stride and was managing 10 minute miles, which was handy as I went through the mile markers as my app told me my time and pace every 10 minutes!

I was running alongside a guy when suddenly 3 guys jumped out- startled at first I jumped. I thought for a split second that M was there but then I realised the guys were hugging the man I had been running next to and yelling,

‘You’re fucking awesome!’

Laughing the man carried on,

‘Friends of yours?’ I asked

‘Nope, I have never seen them before!’ He smiled.

Laughing, I relaxed into my pace again, silly me for thinking M would be here! Why would he? There are thousands of runners and I had never expressed a desire to run 26.2 miles whilst we were together!

In addition his bail conditions prohibited him from coming into a London postcode without prior written warning via a solicitor.

The miles slipped by and the crowds grew, in the early stages of the course where it was still residential there was no barriers for the spectators, so people were happily sitting on pavements or on deckchairs, some already cooking bbq’s!

I was trying to keep to the shortest line possible so taking corners tightly, as I rounded a right bend during mile 8  my eyes feel on a figure of a man who had one foot in the road who was looking down into the oncoming field of runners.

My heart stopped and so did my legs.

It was M.

C xo

©2015 C xo

2 thoughts on “The Big Day”

  1. OMG!!!!! He turned up to the marathon! I can’t believe this you were doing so well! God I want to know what happened next!

    Are you definetly posting in the morning?

    I think you amazing, so strong- I don’t think you will let M ruin this for you!

    C I think your awesome, I started reading your story a couple weeks ago and I am hooked- it could be a film! Who would play you?
    I think someone really horrible and ugly would have to play M, he doesn’t deserve someone hot like Ryan Goosling!

    Keep going C!

    Annie xxx

    1. Hello Annie,

      Thank you! Thats very sweet- I have no idea who would play me! If they started form the beginning they would need a young me and then a mid 20’s me! I like Resse Weatherspoon- that would be cool! Although she would have to do a good english accent.
      M wasn’t ugly, at least not on the outside, I did fancy him after all! I don’t know who would play him- I am a rubbish casting person!

      C xo

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