I still had my fears that he might turn up so the next day I arranged flexi hours and I went to work an hour early and left an hour early, I figured this way I wasn’t being predictable and if M was going to turn up after work I would have already left.

I changed into my gear and left the office it was a bright late August afternoon, and I could tell it was going to be a hot run, I walked down towards the crossing thinking a little walking would be a good warm up. I noticed one of my laces had come loose so I stooped down to fix it and put my phone on the floor next to my foot.

As I was tying my lace I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder and then the weight of a person as they vaulted over me and as they did so they grabbed my phone with their other hand. Their weight unbalanced me and I stumbled backwards as they took off towards the crossing in a run. In a daze I looked after him thought; Oh Shit, I have been mugged!
‘Stop him, someone stop him he has stolen my phone!’ I yelled pointing after him.

Miraculously 3 guys looked around at my plea and saw the guy running towards them and went to grab my thief. I struggled to my feet and dusted myself off and went over to them, the guy was wearing a hoodie and the hood was up covering his face. Odd I thought considering how hot it was, but then there were cameras on this street; I knew that as I had checked in my paranoia.

I snatched my phone from his hand, and froze when I heard his voice.
‘Nice to see you again C.’ Drawled M.
‘No!’ I backed away immediately and one of the guys looked around,
‘Hey are you ok? Did he hurt you? Do you want to call the police?’
‘I know him.’ I said. Not knowing how to say what I needed to.
‘Still doesn’t make it ok!’ Said another of my rescuers.
‘I just want to go, thank you. I have my phone now. So it’s ok.’ I said as I backed away. Then I flew into a run almost getting hit by a van as I did so.

I ran as fast as I could away from M and suddenly realised I need to call the police, I stopped and looked back behind me, the coast seemed to be clear. I was fiddling with my phone trying to unlock it to dial 999 but my hands were shaking too much, when I heard footsteps. I looked up and saw M crossing the road towards me. He had followed me on the otherside and when I had looked back I hadn’t looked actross the road.

I stumbled backwards and tripped over painfully hitting my elbow as I hit the pavement. I scrambled backwards trying to get to my feet as he slowly walked towards me.
‘Ah C, what’s wrong why are you running away from me? Don’t you want to play?’
‘Please just leave me alone, please!’ I sobbed.

He laughed and looked around,
‘No one to save you now is there? I want my money C, you owe me that much! I mean you just left you ran out on me when I took care of you! You took the car you took my stuff and you left!’

I stared at him, thinking desperately how I could get out of this situation; if I tried to dial the police I was sure M would just take my phone. We were on a much quieter part of the road now, and it was still early people hadn’t left work yet.

I was still on the floor and I scrambled to my feet, never taking my eyes off of M.
‘I don’t have any money and I don’t owe you anything! Just leave me alone! I will call the police. You attacked me!’ M looked at me and smiled,
‘I attacked you? Ha you think that’s bad? Well if you don’t pay me I will arrange for two guys you have never met to come and break your legs. I will be sat in a bar surrounded by witnesses proving it wasn’t me.’

I stared at him in shock, and tried to back away but M simply followed me.
‘I will tell the police, I will tell them everything!’ He laughed again and lunged forward and pushed me so I stumbled.
‘Stop it, just stop it!!!!’ I screamed.

He laughed and pushed me again,
‘What’s wrong C, are you not having fun? What about your mum? I know where she lives. I tell you what I am in a giving mood how about I give you until your birthday, that’s a whole month to put £1,500 i otherwise your legs will get broken and I suppose I could get creative with your mum! How about that C?’ I looked at him and saw that he was serious, I honestly didn’t have money to give to him I was struggling myself having moved in haste. Besides that I din’t owe him anything! I had been wrong to give in to his treats in April and I knew that. The police would take this attack seriously, they had to!

‘I don’t have any money, I can’t…’ I was crying unconrolably now and desperately thinking of how to escape him. I heard footsteps behind me and a couple of guys had just left a building and were walking towards us.
‘Please this man is threatening me. I can’t get away from him he is following me!’ They looked at me and saw my bleeding elbow and scuffed clothes and looked at M who was standing there staring at me.
‘Alright mate, leave her alone. She isn’t interested ok?’ The larger of the two guys said.

M laughed.
‘Fuck off, she’s my girlfriend. Leave us alone. Mate!’ I started in horror, what if they believed him, I shook my head at them,
‘He is lying he is my ex I left him months ago, he won’t leave me alone!’ The guys turned back to M and said,
‘She doesn’t seem to agree, so how about we stay here and make sure you don’t follow her and she can be on her way?
‘How does that sound, Love?’
‘Thank you so much, thank you!’
‘It’s cool, off you go we will make sure he doesn’t follow you.’

I didn’t need to be told again, I turned and ran as fast as my shaky legs would carry me, I ran and ran, getting lost fearing M would follow me, so taking different turns to the way I was supposed to go. Finally I rounded a corner and saw I had somehow looped around and joined back onto my normal route home.

I must have run at least 2 miles, my throat was hoarse and my legs felt like jelly. I had stumbled and fallen over several times in my haste to get away from M. Both my knees were bleeding and my hands were grazed. But I carried on.

I wanted to be at home, I wanted to lock the door and run up the stairs and lock myself in my room. I wneeded to be safe.

Suddenly my phone burst into life, I looked down and I saw that my dad was calling. I stopped finally and answered the phone, looking around me wildly to check M wasn’t there.

‘Oh Daddy, I was so scared!’ I cried.

C xo

©2015 C xo

2 thoughts on “Attack”

  1. Hello C
    I have been reading your posts for a little while now and I can’t believe M would do this to you! Todays sounded so scary and I hope that there is a happy ending for you.
    You are very brave to speak out about what happened, especially the about the photos on facebook! I don’t know if I could have coped with that!
    Well done for writing your blog and for getting through this!
    Laura xoxoxo

    1. Hello Laura
      Thank you for commenting on my blog and I am glad your reading it! It is difficult to gage how many people are reading so it is always nice to get a comment!
      I thank you for saying I am brave but really it was that or let M win and ruin my life and I couldn’t do that!
      You will have to keep reading to find out how it ends! 😉

      C xo

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